Plastic Dreams: A visit in Melissa Store in São Paulo

Being in Brazil, including São Paulo, it would be a sin not to visit the biggest store of my beloved Melissa! And trying (and buying) some of Melissa shoes fron the collection Spring 2015!
The store, as well as the shoes were amazing!

The store is located few blocks from the main street of São Paulo central area, the Avenida Paulista. And it’s outside and interiors have been totally redesigned from the look I know from the internet (the photo of the old interiors you will find in one of my posts about Melissa brand here). Everything is so fabulous and glamorous!
Large drawings of women’s mouth, pink, purple and red colours, amazing plastic transparent bulbs where the shoes are exposed… And Mela-flex smell everywhere! And the shoes!

Actually I ended up with two pairs – one flip-flops and one „sandals” from the new collection (Spring 2015). But I think I will buy one or two more pairs of ballerinas from Vivienne Westwood line when I’ll be in Rio de Janeiro in few days. Now I’m having a great time at the best beaches of Brazil – in Ilha Grande (for some more photos check my travel blog (here) or it’s fanpage (here) wearing mostly the Havaianas (also from the newest collection – a gift from my friend, Jane).

So, have a look on the photos from the store of Melissa. And I’ll show you some best picks from the Spring 2015 collection later!

Greets from Brazil,
Joanna Julia <3

Melissa 01
Melissa Concept Store, Sao Paulo
Melissa 02
Melissa Concept Store, Sao Paulo
Melissa 03
Melissa Concept Store, Sao Paulo
Melissa 04
Melissa shoes from Spring 2015 collection
Melissa Kitty ballerinas
After shoes shopping :)
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