Cosmetics I can’t live without. Part two: eye shadows

Today second part of my „can’t live without” cosmetics list. After basic care products – including day/night/eye creams, high filters bases and body moisturizers (for details go >> here) I am gonna share my top favorite color makeup cosmetics. And here I am quite faithful to two French brands: Lancôme and Chanel. And when it comes to eye shadows it is always the Lancôme!

Cosmetics I can’t live without. Part one: care

So as I said before – I decided to start posting about cosmetics – both, make-up and care. Today I’m gonna present my most favorite pieces, that I really can’t imagine life without. I know some of them can be quite expensive, but – as a person who partly works in the chemistry lab – cannot imagine putting something weak or low quality or not tested properly on my skin, especially on my face. And though I don’t think good quality is always followed by high cost (or vice versa), I am used to some luxury brands. After checking cheap and expensive products I do think there is a big difference in quality and effectiveness between them, especially when considering care products. Plus I am over 30 now, and I really need to try to keep the present appearance and condition of my skin and prevent wrinkles. It’s no picnic. My today’s actions will pay off in the future. I hope! So there are some very expensive cosmetics in my everyday make-up and care (especially the last one), as I use such brands like Kanebo, Shiseido, Lancome and Chanel (yes I do believe in Japanese technology and French experience in cosmetics field), but I usually buy them on sales or in the duty-free shops (as I travel quite a lot). I will talk about my most favorite on-line store later, to show you how to take advantage of their sales and bargain prices.

TeleKamery 2014 – Kreacje

Nie mogłam się powstrzymać. Od rana w tvn trąbią o tych TeleKamerach, zatem szybko zagooglałam, co tam te nasze polskie gwiazdy telewizji załozyły na siebie na tę galę. Powinny to być wytworne suknie na tzw. „oskarową galę” lub „czerwony dywan” (bo chociaż statuetki były mnie prestiżowe, to jednak były, czerwony dywan też był), tymczasem nie wszystkie panie uszanowały zdaje się oczywisty dress code. Niby lubię przełamywanie stereotypów, ale uważam, że są miejsca i okazje, gdzie zwyczajnie nie wypada nie ubrać się odpowiednio. Koniec, kropka. Nie będę przywoływała kiepskich (mz) kreacji, ale tylko te, które najbardziej mi się podobały. Chociaż nie było ich aż tak wiele. I nie były znowu aż tak powalające.
I couldn’t help myself. From the early morning on tvn channel they talk about of the TeleKamery 2014 Awards, so I quickly googled, what the Polish TV celebrities wore at the gala. They (women) should were elegant dresses so-called. „Oscar gala dresses” or „red carpet dresses” (statuettes were less prestigious than Oscars but the red carpet was still there), while not all the ladies seemed to respect this obvious dress code. In general I do like breaking the stereotypes, but I believe that there are places and occasions where you simply can not forget to dress properly. End of story. I will not recalled the bad (imo) creations, but only the ones I liked best. Though there were not many of them. And they were not very unique, astonishing or fabulous.