Cosmetics I can’t live without. Part two: eye shadows

Today second part of my „can’t live without” cosmetics list. After basic care products – including day/night/eye creams, high filters bases and body moisturizers (for details go >> here) I am gonna share my top favorite color makeup cosmetics. And here I am quite faithful to two French brands: Lancôme and Chanel. And when it comes to eye shadows it is always the Lancôme!

You can call me spoiled, but you should also know, that being younger I did use cheaper stuff and few of brands (like for instance Polish brand Inglot or Italian brand Pupa ) I still consider as quite good. I often hear the opinions that there are no magnificent differenc between cheap and expensive makeup cosmetics (usually these are the opinions of the people who use the first ones) but for me the difference is magnificent, huge even.  After trying for the first time Lancôme eyeshadows (and not the ones from Polish perfumery but eye shadows  brought from US, moreover from the limited edition) I was so mesmerized by the richness of color, pigmentation, consistency, ease of application, the quality of the brush (they had only brush, not the foam made applicator) and persistence of color. I vowed to myself not to use the cheap ones anymore, ever again! I put to the bin all my Avon, Oriflame stuff (btw, some Oriflame’s eye shadows made my red eyes, induced tears, etc., so beware). I decided that I’d rather have less cosmetics but of excellent quality, than lots of poor ones. I stick to this rule for many years now, though after all my collection is not so small (but only great stuff).

So I still use that first set of eye shadows, as I ordered it several times from abroad. That and the second color-theme set. Unfortunately they both are limited edition, and I am afraid I will not be able to get new ones, after I finish them. However, please let me introduce the best eye shadows ever – Lancôme Le Carnet De Velours Palette for Eyes & Cheeks – versions: 01 Vanite – and 02 Verite. As you can see, the set contained 3 eye shadows and one creme blush that can be also used as a lipstick. While the eye shadows are really great, the blusher is perfect – you just use a tiny little bit of this creamy thing and you have a wonderful effect of a natural blush. With my carnation I use only the pink one (from 02 Verite set) as the bronze one (rather bronzer than blusher) is way to dark for me. The first one contains shades anthracite, silver, metallic pink that enable to make very sophisticated glamorous makeup with smoky eye. The second set contains delicate gray, soft white/ecru and  brown (both with delicate golden particles) – for rather neutral daily makeup. Also in 2008 was released a new version of this palette, called Brazilian Earth Colors by Daria Werbowy (as not so hard to guess promoted by model Daria Werbowy). These are totally not my colors but if I see them in the shop, I’d buy them to try! What is also great all sets are put in a velvet case binded by two leather ribbons with big mirror inside. And off course with mention brush, that I collect after finishing the cosmetics as it is a very good brush.

Lancôme Le Carnet De Velours Palette for Eyes & Cheeks

Lancôme Le Carnet De Velours 01 Vanite 01
Lancôme Le Carnet De Velours Palette (01 Vanite) [Lancôme]
Lancôme Le Carnet De Velours 01 Vanite 02
Lancôme Le Carnet De Velours Palette (01 Vanite) [Lancôme]
Lancome Le Carnet De Velours 02 Verite
Lancôme Le Carnet De Velours Palette (02 Verite) [Lancôme]
Lancome Le Carnet De Velours Brazilian Earth Colors by Daria Werbowy 02
Lancôme Le Carnet De Velours Palette (Brazilian Earth Colors by Daria Werbowy) [Lancôme]

Exept the Lancôme Le Carnet De Velours Palette, I use lots of Lancôme eye shadows. Usually I buy the set of four shades – Lancome Color Focus Palette (I have like 4 of them) – they go in the set in the nice case with mirror and 3 applicators (two regular and one thin to apply the color on the bottom eyelid – very good tool) but lately I bought in Japan, on the airport (it was so cheap there!) Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes 5 Color Palette – DO2 Reflet D’Amethyste. I am crazy about purple, violet, amethyst shades so the lady from the shop didn’t have to persuade me to buy it (btw, she wouldn’t be even trying to push me too much as she was polite Japanese). But, though the colors are really, really nice and the brush is great, somehow these eye shadows are not so well pigmented and long lasting as the other ones by Lancôme. I must say, I’m a bit disappointed.

Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes 5 Color Palette

Lancôme Hypnose Doll Eyes 5 Color Palette - DO2 Reflet D'Amethyste
Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes 5 Color Palette (DO2 Reflet D’Amethyste) [StrawberryNET]

Anyway, I strongly recommend the eye shadows by Lancôme. For me they are just perfect (maybe except the last ones). If you’d like to try the quality, I recommend to but a miniature (e.g. >> here – btw, it is not the sponsored post). These miniatures should be given to you in the perfumeries but as you can see lots of people sell it to make money. Though it is worth of trying.
I must also admit, that just recently I bought new set of eye shadows and this time it is by Dolce & Gabbana. It was on daily sale 60% off and I couldn’t ressist as the colors were so beautiful – blues and purples. I haven’t try them yet but I will share my impressions with you about them soon.

Dolce and Gabbana The Eyeshadow Smooth Eye Colour Quad

Dolce & Gabbana The Eyeshadow Smooth Eye Colour Quad - 170 Night
The Eyeshadow Smooth Eye Colour Quad (170 Night) [StrawberryNET]

Do you use Lancôme or D&G eye shadows? If yes, what do you think about them? What are your favorite lines and shades? If not, what do you recommend to use instead?
Let me know, Joanna Julia

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