Cosmetics I can’t live without. Part one: care

So as I said before – I decided to start posting about cosmetics – both, make-up and care. Today I’m gonna present my most favorite pieces, that I really can’t imagine life without. I know some of them can be quite expensive, but – as a person who partly works in the chemistry lab – cannot imagine putting something weak or low quality or not tested properly on my skin, especially on my face. And though I don’t think good quality is always followed by high cost (or vice versa), I am used to some luxury brands. After checking cheap and expensive products I do think there is a big difference in quality and effectiveness between them, especially when considering care products. Plus I am over 30 now, and I really need to try to keep the present appearance and condition of my skin and prevent wrinkles. It’s no picnic. My today’s actions will pay off in the future. I hope! So there are some very expensive cosmetics in my everyday make-up and care (especially the last one), as I use such brands like Kanebo, Shiseido, Lancome and Chanel (yes I do believe in Japanese technology and French experience in cosmetics field), but I usually buy them on sales or in the duty-free shops (as I travel quite a lot). I will talk about my most favorite on-line store later, to show you how to take advantage of their sales and bargain prices.

Also, please consider, that as I’m +30 some of the products that I use may be too strong your skin. Be careful and never use cosmetics intended for older skin, because you’d  get used to them and your youthful skin can be somehow destroy by them!

I used to use  Lancome Hydra Zen day and night cremes set, but this summer I accidentally got this precious creme on a total one-day sale with about 60% discount and I bought it on-line so it was actually about 75% off according to the local shop price. It was a real bargain. Actually it was my friend, Basia, who had found that offer and I am really grateful for that.
Since I was spending summer in Zakynthos where I used a lot of sunblocks and after sunbathing cremes, then I was in Japan and then in India (same care) I started to apply this creme in late October. It’s simply amazing. Wonderful texture. Very efficient. Has a wonderful smell. It’s absorbed very quickly. It doesn’t leave a film on the skin, but leaves your skin in great condition, and even the skin of hands after application stays long hydrated and beautifully scented. Plus the jar is really beautiful – made of glass, Ladies and gentlemen, please meet…

SHISEIDO Future Solution LX Daytime Protective Cream SPF15

SHISEIDO Future Solution LX Daytime Protective Cream
SHISEIDO Future Solution LX Daytime Protective Cream

Description (from StrawberryNET):
A multi-functional daytime hydrator
Developed with an exclusive Skingenecell 1P to combat the appearance of future aging
Provides skin with protection against dryness & cellular damage caused by UV rays
Minimizes the formation of wrinkles & sagging
Preserves durable moisture for flexibility & luster
To use: Apply a small amount gently over face every morning, after cleansing & balancing skin

No I’m looking for a good sale for the matching Shiseido night cream, but they are expensive. When I see one, I am so buying it. So far I am using some creams that I but in the drag store. I was recommended to buy them by the dermatologist as I have quite a difficult complexion – oily and combination skin prone to imperfections. I use creams based on thermal mineral waters from Polish Iwonicz-Zdrój and French La Roche-Posay springs. These are IWOSTIN Purritin Night Cream or LA ROCHE-POSAY Effaclar H (or Effaclar K or Effaclar Duo – depending on my skin condition). They are very good quality although a bit expensive. After application the skin is smoother, softer and fresher. Personally I see the effects of curing of skin imperfections – but only if the cream is used regularly.

IWOSTIN Purritin Night Cream / LA ROCHE-POSAY Effaclar H

Iwostin Purritin Night Cream, La Roche-Posay Effaclar H

When my complexion is in a better condition in terms of imperfections and sebum level, I also use the great specific by Lancôme, although not too often since I don’ want to make my skin used to anti-wrinkles treatment (it is not sooo bad yet so let’s stay calm…). Besides it is very expensive. Before buying it I recommend to ask for the samples in your perfumery store and try if it suits you, as Lancôme offers a wide rande of night tretment products – each product is dedicated for other skin problems (most of them are way cheaper). Personally I like Visionnaire line very much – I also use the Visionnaire foundation with corrector (but I’ll write about it some other time).

LANCÔME Visionnaire Correcteur Foundamental – Advanced Skin Corrector

Lancome Visionnaire
Lancôme Visionnaire Correcteur Foundamental – Advanced Skin Corrector []
Description (from StrawberryNET):
A potent anti-aging skin corrector
Formulated with LR 2412, a molecule that penetrates into skin layers to trigger continuous micro-transformations
Noticeably reduces appearance of pores & wrinkles
Remarkably banishes imperfections such as signs of UV damage & acne marks
Unveils a smoother, refined & younger looking complexion

I was recommended to buy this by my friend Basia (again) and I’m quite satisfied. Very efficient. Nice smell. It’s absorbed very quickly, though it leaves very slight film on the skin (but as it is a night cream, I don’t mind it at all). Quite stronger effect than in case of eye cream I used before (Lancome Primordiale Skin Recharge). I recommend it as well. Especially if you get this with discount (like me).

ESTEE LAUDER Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex

Este Lauder
ESTEE LAUDER Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex []
Description (from StrawberryNET):
An innovative reparative eye treatment
Developed with patented Chronolux Technology
Highly enriched with relieving anti-irritants
Remarkably minimizes noticeable signs of aging
Repairs presence of past harms & prevents future harms with daily use
Imparts intense moisture to skin
Creates brilliant & ageless looking eye contour

Sometimes (especially in summer) I put an extra base on my face. It may be plain base with high SPF filters or green base against red spots. My most fav are by Kanebo or Smashbox. I bought in Japan also FERME. On the following photo you can also see the Ettusais Peeling Milk, the ultra gentle exfoliating milk that sweeps away dull and rough surface cells but I’ll talk about this product the other time.

KANEBO Media Makeup Base / Kiss Me FERME Daily UV base / Ettusais Peeling Milk


As body creams I use Avon „Body SPA” line products. They are not expensive but very good. They balance skin’s hydration level and are absorbed very quickly. They don’t leave oily film on the skin. And they are very beautifully scented – my favorite is Thailand lotus scented line. I also like Dead Sea minerals, goji berries, olives lines. I also buy corresponding shower gels, hair masks, bath oils, etc.

AVON Planet SPA Line

Planet Spa
Avon Planet SPA: Thailand lotus flower body soufflé and Dead Sea minerals butter

I also (off course) use some lotions that help to prevent or correct the appearance of cellulite, some hand creams and so on, but I’ll talk about them next time.
For now on I’d like to ask if you know the products described above, and whether you like them or you know some better ones. Because it is always good to learn something new. And I am quite keen to use new cosmetics.

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  1. uwielbiam serię Future Shiseido :) Krem pod oka EL też bardzo lubię, denerwuje mnie jednak wydobywanie palcem z tego mało praktycznego słoiczka ;/ zdecydowanie bardziej wolę ten krem w wersji serum pod oczy z dozownikiem pompką:)
    nie mogę znaleźć po polskiemu ;/
    piszesz tylko po ang?
    pozdrawiam :8

    1. Zazwyczaj piszę po polsku i angielsku (patrz poprzednie posty), ale przyznam, że jest to dość męczące. Ten post jest pewnego rodzaju próbą, jak zareagują moi czytelnicy na tekst wyłącznie po angielski. Zakładam, że większość (moich rówieśników i młodszych) jednak zna angielski na tyle, by nie mieć problemów z czytaniem mojej paplaniny, a starszych odbiorców mam raczej niewielu.

  2. Oosbiście lubię pielęgnację Shiseido, z Future używałam jednak tylko pianki do mycia twarzy. Natomiast ostatnio spodobała mi się ich nowa seria Ibuki.

  3. uwielbiam kosmetyczne posty w twoim wykonaniu ! Fajne kosmetyki! Ja teraz próbuję markę Clarins do moich niedoskonałości i zdecydowanie jestem na tak! Polecam eksfoliator w płynie z kwasami Aha – jest rewelacyjny! Co do produktów Lancome – jakoś nie przemawiają do mnie, ale Shiseido – mają jak dla mnie rewelacyjne bazy pod makijaż!

    1. Wiesz, ja uważam, że odpowiedniki Smashboxa dla baz Shiseido, są ZNACZNIE lepsze. Zwłąszcza ta zielona baza Smashboxa jest genialna. Shiseido jest bardzo dobra, owszem, ale to nie to samo. Zatem wypróbuj, jak będziesz miała okazję.

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