Gift from Belgium: French Vogue

I just got back from Brussels (Belgium), the French speaking city. So what better souvenir could I take from there (apart from Belgian chocolate) than Vogue Paris?! For the stories from Brussels and Gent, visit our travel blog. For the review of the fresh French Vouge, check out F4E in the next few days!

Właśnie wróciłam z Brukseli (Belgia), w której dominującym językiem jest francuski, zatem co lepszego mogłam stamtąd przywieźć (prócz belgijskiej czekolady), niż Vogue Paris?! Po relację z Brukseli i Gandawy zapraszam na nasz blog podróżniczy, a recenzja francuskiej biblii mody pojawi się tutaj już za kilka dni!

Souvenirs from all over the world

We do travel a lot. Some of you are probably familiar with our travel blog Byłem tu. Tony Halik.* (which in English means „I was here. Tony Halik. and Mr Halik was a famous traveler and discoverer that is a great hero an authority for us). Lately I published there a post about ideas on souvenirs and/or gifts from Ireland. Some time ago I did the same about the souvenirs from India. I was wondering what are your most favourite gifts and souvenirs?

Dużo podróżujemy. Cześć z Was być może zna nasz blog podróżniczy Byłem tu. Tony Halik. statnio opublikowałam tam post o pamiątkach/prezentach z Irlandii. Jakiś czas temu opisałam też moje propozycje na temat co warto przywieźć z Indii. Zastanawia mnie jednak, co wy przywozicie ze swoich podróży?

I’m in love in new D&G flowery prints

So, I was about to write some dirty words about one magazine, but I’m not in the mood for bitching right now. Totally opposite – I’m in the perfect mood for writing about things that are beautiful and make me feel great. Maybe it’s the weather that seems like the spring weather (quite weird as for the middle of the February – we usually have in Poland snow and frost this time of the year). Maybe it is the most beautiful collection by Dolce & Gabbana fool of flowers of the cherry or maybe apple-tree. Also quite  in the spring spirit. Anyway, I’m in the perfect mood. Looking forward to the spring. <3